Plant power: beautify the building from inside to outside

SOL company is located in the beautiful Hangzhou city, China.

Take you into the SOL big family.

Coming towards the visitors is a WIFI control intelligent green wall, which is a perfect combination of plant and technology, providing a healthy indoor environment at any time.

Purify+Humidify+Beautify+Oxygen generation+Intelligence+app control

First floor --- Experience Hall

Here you can see the four season in one space.

Here you can feel the love from every SOL staff.

Our health guardian --- Movable green wall air purifier.

Second and Third floor --- Office room

Accompany by the plants, we are full of energy when working.

It is a pleasure to grow up together with the plants.

SOL family is full of happiness and love, since we have common cause here.

Enjoy life & enjoy work, and that is SOL family.

Comparing to the plants, nature and the earth, human is newcomer.

There could be more reverie plants would bring to us.